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Fix crack in Teak Furniture

Table that have crack on teak table apply liquid glue. Rub using sandpaper. Then apply liquid glue again in cracked wood and repeat rub with sandpaper again. That’s it. As found on Youtube

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Was it Teak or Mahogany?

In the video where he made the shoe horn, he made a faux-pa calling what probably was Brazilian mahogany, teak. But this is the material he was going through and he didn’t actually buy this stuff. He found it kinda thrown out and he thinks some of it is teak and some is Brazilian mahogany. […]

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How to Build a Rustic Outdoor Table and finish with teak oil

The above video Marc show to us how to build a rustic outdoor table. Now let’s make the tabletop and bench tops. He lays out his stock on the assembly table to strategize his cuts. Although he loves to keep these boards at full width, he decided to cut them down into narrower boards. Here’s […]

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Wood Wax Extra Thin 1101 Osmo Oil Product Test

The Osmo 1101 is a specially formulated Oil based on low aromatic solvents. It’s designed for use on all interior hardwood areas. It offers excellent protection from drink, spills, knocks and general wear and tear. All while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. It’s suitable for almost any environment in the house. It can […]

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How to restore weathered outdoor furniture

How to Restore Weathered Teak Outdoor Furniture

How to Restore Weathered Teak Outdoor Furniture? We have this beautiful teak chair. That has turned gray and weathered outside from just being neglected and we need to sand this down to fresh new wood. So that we can oil this and enjoy the beauty of the solid teak. What do we need for this […]

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garden teak furniture

Garden Teak Furniture Purchasing Guide

We would like to show to you today about the three main points, you should be looking out for when you buy good quality teak garden furniture to make sure the furniture you buy is an investments and not just a purchase. These are the manufacturing processes. The moisture content and the grade of the […]

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